Old Tombstone
Old Tombstone
The old Railway
City Hall
The library
OK Cafe
Allen Street
Present meets the past
Cristal Palace Verandah
Fifth Street Verandah
Wyatt Earp Days
Early morning cleanup
The good old way
Cochese of Tombstone
Horse power
Annie's place
The Silver Nugget
Tombstone Traders
Bronco Trading
No merci
Owl Cafe
Nothing happened
No firearms
Bed and breakfast
Shady Lady's Closet
Fire station
Hot water
Cold drinks
Don't drink & write
Marshall's office
Serious !
Wyatt Earp's house
Allen English Home
Second Street
The Whistle Stop
The old jail
Second Street
Adobe Lodge
The Birdcage Theatre
Longhorn Restaurant
The Epitath
Fremont Street
The old station
The old station
Old mine
Story on a gate
Fremont Street
The old station
OK Coral
History !
Modern cowboys
Blistering Cady
The saga continues
Welcome to Boothill
Boothill graveyard
Hanged by mistake
The Clanton gang
Old hearse
End of story

"Il n'y a rien là-bas que des tombes". Cette remarque donna son nom au village de "Tombstone". C'était certainement l'endroit où on mourrait le plus et le plus vite de l'Ouest. C'est la ville du "Règlement de compte à OK Coral" et c'est d'où venaient les protagoniste des "7 mercenaires". A l'époque Tombstone avait 1200 habitants.
Il y a toujours 1200 habitants.