This page is dedicated to the long dead and long forgotten Kansas Kid who left nothing on this world but two words on a rusty plate. Of his companions we know very little but through them he lives since from him we know nothing.


Only use small letters when you type the password for modest he was in life and even more modest is he in death.

They say none of them died of old age and they didnít have the time to get ill but he did. What was his name ?
None of them were rich and they had to share the little they had. These two, one young, one old now share the same grave.

He was only known by his nickname, the name of his revolver. No surprise a bullet killed him.
He had the name of a reptile and he was killed by a someone with the name of an Indian.
He must have been a gambler because he seemed to have a favourite number.
He was also a gambler and he had a French name but he didnít watch his back as he played.
She came from very far away and she had to change her name but she died anyway.
He didnít shoot the sheriff, maybe he shot the deputy. What is certain : the sheriff shot him.
The sheriff didnít shoot him, he put him in prison. A safe place if you stay there, but his enemies pulled him out.
She is only known by her first name and she was stabbed by a man named after his money.