Read the questions and go to your destinations. Finding a ghost is nener easy. You will have to look everywhere.
The most common mistake, when you are a ghost hunter is to think that a ghost is always of human origin. Where can you find a ghost which is... An animal :
A ship :
A coach :
Being immaterial, ghosts can do strange things. Find one who can go through walls. Who :

Where :
Passing through walls is one thing but some ghosts can appear and disappear at will. Find a lady who can vanish into the vegetation of the walls of her castle. Who :

Where :
Some ghosts are mischievous. Find one who moves things during the night. Name the town :

Name the building :
Some other ghosts are so busy that they donít take any notice of you. Find one, who is just doing his jobÖ although his job was just a cover so that he could do another job which was not as honest as the first one. His name :

His job :

His other job :
Ghosts, you will think, are very shy. Itís probably not the case if you consider how many of them appear in public places like hotels and pubs. Find one who comes back to an inn to haunt the descendants of his killers. His name :

The name of the hotel :

The town :
Sometimes ghosts come back from beyond because they havenít been buried properly. Find a ghost who roams her village looking for her head. Who :

Where :
Some other ghosts wander because they havenít been buried at all and they want to have a proper grave. Find one who is looking for a resting place and say why she wasnít buried. Where :

Why :
Some poor souls who died the victim of an injustice curse their torturers, some curse their judges, others curse their executioners. Find a man who cast a spell against a church by denying its clocks the ability to give the time. Who :

Where :
Being accused of murder is a big enough injustice, but if the one you are accused of killing is the person you love the injustice is even bigger. Find a ghost whose lover was executed for her murder and who comes back to save his honour and look for her true murderer. Who :

Where :
Finally, some ghosts have just been the victim of their own destiny. Find one who died in an accident and comes back every first of May to remind the living of his tragic fate. Who :

Where :

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